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Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

Our company renders services in accounting support of business of any kind of activity and a taxation regime, carries out both full accounting support, and some sites of the account. Restoration of accounting and tax accounting can be made in full or in part. The cost of our services in accounting and tax accounting is determined individually for each client, based on working conditions and tasks. The quality of the work will not cause any complaints, since our specialists have extensive experience in this field.


-Consulting on accounting and taxation issues;

-development of accounting policy for accounting and tax accounting;

preparation of primary accounting documents: invoices, invoices, certificates of work performed and services rendered, advance reports, cash documents, payment orders, etc .;

Processing of primary documentation, reflection of all business transactions in accounting with the help of an accounting program;

Calculation and calculation of wages with registration and maintenance of all necessary documentation (time sheets, payroll, payroll, and payroll), calculation and calculation of taxes and insurance contributions from the wage fund;

Personnel workflow: drafting orders for admission, dismissal, leave, business trips, salary changes, etc .;

Formation of accounting documents on fixed assets and intangible assets, commodity-material values, accrual of depreciation;

Compilation of tax accounting registers;

preparation and submission of all forms of accounting and tax reporting to the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service, Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund, State Statistics Committee;

Representation of interests in state and tax bodies, participation in tax inspections and disputes;

Accounting restoration

Do you need your own accounting at the enterprise?

Small companies always experience certain difficulties with the maintenance of accounting documents; the same is true for individual entrepreneurs. Their budget is often unable to withstand the burden of another staff unit, especially since a good specialist requires an appropriate level of payment for his labor. Most often, the head of the accounting department himself is responsible for accounting; as a result, keeping accounting records, reporting, etc. fall on his shoulders, thereby distracting from other serious matters. In some cases, owners and business leaders resort to the services of specialists who are engaged in providing private accounting services. Among them there are real professionals, but there are situations,


The most optimal option in this situation is the accounting support of the business, a specialized company. At the moment, their number has increased significantly, while the quality of services is almost always at a high level.

Accounting services include the development of the company’s tax policy, development and maintenance of all necessary accounting documentation, preparation and submission of reports to tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds, etc. That is, accounting support for the activities of the enterprise includes all the operations that a regular accountant would perform. The cost of such services depends both on the firm that provides them, and on the specific needs of the client, but, of course, accounting services for the cost of it, it is much more profitable to include in the staffing of the accountant, and even not one.

In addition to the direct costs of accounting for accounting, there are indirect costs for maintaining accounting, for example, the need for additional workplace equipment, the acquisition of special software, literature, as well as periodic training of accountants in various courses of professional development, etc. . The accounting service of a specialized firm removes all of these costs from the company. Thus, the savings from attracting specialists to accounting are ultimately quite noticeable.

Meanwhile, accounting support of the company’s activity can not be regarded as the most optimal variant of the business process organization. For large companies that have a significant volume of workflow, it is much more profitable to create their own accounting department. It is also not always convenient to resort to outsourcing in the field of accounting, if the firm maintains double bookkeeping. Of course, this is not entirely legal, however, in some cases it is a compelling necessity to keep the business “afloat.” Accounting support almost completely excludes the possibility of such conduct of financial and economic activities.

In some cases, there is a danger of disclosure of confidential information, or information constituting a commercial secret. Specificity of accounting is such that through the expert of its leader passes all the information about the activities of the enterprise. However, if accounting services are conducted by a large company that guarantees confidentiality to its clients, this risk will be minimized, but it can not be excluded completely, as sometimes the so-called “human factor” may work.

Services in accounting support of business are becoming more popular every day. However, before deciding to make a decision to transfer accounting functions to a specialized firm, it is necessary to determine how much this is necessary for a particular business in specific conditions. Only if it is determined that there is a positive economic and strategic effect from accounting outsourcing, then it is worthwhile to start looking for a company that provides accounting support. However, the choice should be based not only on the principle of fame or low cost, but also take into account the feedback of customers of these companies, as well as the range of services provided.

We make a conclusion, you need our help! Your accountant is ready for help!

In the Global business practice, outsourcing is most often transferred to functions such as  accounting , office support  , translation services, transport services, support of the computer network and information infrastructure, advertising services, security. Unlike service and support services that have a one-time, episodic, random nature and are limited by the beginning and the end, usually functions for professional support of the uninterrupted operability of individual systems and infrastructure are transferred to outsourcing on the basis of a long contract (at least 1 year). The presence of a business process is a distinctive feature of outsourcing from various other forms of rendering services and subscriber services.

Three situations where outsourcing of accounting services or accounting services is beneficial. And five benefits, use all the opportunities of the market of rendering services in the field of accounting and taxation.

The initial stage of business development.  Subscriber service in the field of accounting services is beneficial at the initial stage of the company’s development, when the subject and scope of legal issues are not obvious, which complicates the choice of a full-time employee.


A small amount of accounting transactions.

Subscriber service is beneficial in the case of relatively small and irregular volume of accounting transactions and legal issues: it is unprofitable to keep employees in the state, but periodically a company needs a qualified accountant and / or lawyer.

Diversity of legal problems.

In the case of a wide variety of legal and accounting problems, the involvement of specialists in several narrow areas of legislation is required. At the same time, the amount of work for such employees is not sufficient for full employment and the best solution is to conclude a subscription service contract for accounting services.

Benefit # 1: Serious savings. You do not need:

– to pay for renting premises for accounting and equipment of their jobs

– to buy and pay for licenses for accounting software annually

– to regularly pay for obtaining the necessary regulatory documentation

– to spend money on seminars to improve the skills of accounting staff, etc.

Benefit # 2: Reliability.  For you professionals  working  with accounting and tax accounting, consulting in large holding structures and organizations with different types of activities work.

Benefit # 3: Security.  The risks of obtaining penalties from the controlling bodies for improper reporting are minimized. Because by signing an accounting service contract with YOUR ACCOUNTANCY you can be calm, now the responsibility for the correctness of the organization’s accounting is on our company.

Benefit number 4: No deception.  The total absence of hidden and incomprehensible payments – the prices for accounting services in YOUR ACCOUNTANCY are simple and transparent, you always understand what you are paying for.

Benefit number 5: It’s easier to grow.  With the expansion of business, you do not need to increase the cost of expanding the staff of accounting.