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Book Layout Design Services

Qualitatively executed layout is another weighty argument in favor of the book being read by a potential reader. To do this, our experts think over everything to the smallest detail: each component of the publication is carefully verified and agreed with you. To realize your boldest ideas, we use advanced technologies, attract professional artists and designers. Within the framework of one design concept, we make an unlimited number of edits; as a result, the layout of the book will be exactly as you want it to be.


Simple layout: text does not contain complex elements: formulas, tables, lots of footnotes and multiple texts formatting Book Cover Design

Template layout: ready template for the layout of the text without complex elements and the possibility of making changes, the minimum time and cost

Black and white layout: text contains complex elements: a large number of footnotes and multiple text formatting

Color layout: The layout of children’s books in accordance with the requirements of SanPin, includes individual page design

So, you are ready to publish your book. It is written, polished, edited … To publish a book is to give it to others, as many people as possible. so that they can enjoy your imagination, ingenuity, knowledge, skills – all that you are ready to share with them. You have to bring them to take her off the store shelf, buy – and read!

That’s why professional design of the cover and book pages is simply necessary.

The designer of the book will choose easy-to-read fonts, determine the fields of the book, so that they are not very narrow, and at the same time, not very wide so that you do not have to pay extra for additional pages. If in your book there are illustrations or photographs, they will be scanned if necessary and placed on the appropriate pages of the text complementing it. The designer of the cover uses color, illustrations, fonts, etc. to create a conspicuous cover of the book and its corresponding content.

A truly successful masterpiece is required to have a beautiful design. The development of modern design of the book consists of many elements. But the main thing in this process is the creation of the cover. After all, it is a kind of showcase; it forms the first impression of the book and should strive to cause the potential reader to take it in hand, read a few lines. Order the design of the cover for books and ensure the popularity of readers of circulation of any size can be addressed to one of the best advertising agencies in the capital – the company Weprosys Ltd..

A properly designed cover design should provide information about what this publication is about. Note that in most cases, on the shelves of bookstores, the buyer can see only the spine. Thus, to draw attention to its design is to use bright colors and bold graphics. This will make the publication more visible. Moreover, when creating a layout design for a book, it is necessary to take into account that its name should be written clearly and, if possible, brightly.

Note that when developing a binding, it is necessary to understand that its design in no case can conflict with the content. On the contrary, he must in every possible way supplement the plot and create a certain intrigue. It should be borne in mind that various prints are meant for different age groups. Accordingly, when developing the design of the polygraphy of books, it is necessary to consider for which target group they are created.


Advertising agency Weprosys Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises worldwide. Among our services is high-quality printing. We are engaged in the development and production of various printed products, for example: forms, newspapers and magazines, advertising leaflets and posters, a wide variety of booklets, and, of course, book products.

Let’s take a closer look at what services will be included in the cost of the design of the book:

-Development and coordination with the customer of the layout of the publication;


-Creation of the cover design;

-Preparation for printing.

Cooperating with the customer, we strive to meet its needs to the maximum, while minimizing costs.

Applying to our agency, a potential customer will be able to order the creation of a book cover design, or the development of a layout of the future print publication as a whole. The services we provide are relatively inexpensive, but at the same time they are characterized by the highest quality and fast execution speed.