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Book Illustration Services

Book Illustration Services. Illustrations – this is the highlight of any publication. They make the book lively, interesting and pleasant to perceive. Stylized illustrations emphasize the spirit and the whole idea of ​​the book. We cooperate with illustrators working in different techniques, which allow you to colorfully and meaningfully draw up books of any subject. This service is especially relevant for gift editions and children’s books.

–Color illustration: are located in the text of the book; can be performed in different techniques of execution; the scene from the book is displayed on the artist’s choice or at the author’s wish.


–Black and white illustrations: are optimal for black and white editions; after acquaintance with the text of the plot and the description of the heroes, the artist provides a sketch for reconciliation.

–Illustration of characters: Displays the main characters of the book; the artist provides his vision of the character by description in the form of a sketch, which is agreed with the author

–Illustration on the cove: Reflects the climax of the moment, as well as its main characters, conveys the ideological content of the book according to the author’s intention or at the artist’s discretion

Illustration for editorial and books. Illustration clarifies communication and creates empathy.

-Do you need an illustration?

Perfect, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I dedicate myself to illustrate any type of specialized work according to your needs, from books, magazines, small or large companies, to graphic studios or advertising agencies whatever you need, let’s talk about it!

-Personalized service illustration

Bring your story to life with color or black and white illustrations created by Weprosys Ltd. art studio. You can choose between different styles and details that will help materialize the vision you have of your book:

Illustration Services

Some services that we offer as an illustrator:

-Illustration for the Press and Magazines

-Illustration for Editorial and Books

-Illustration for Logos and Companies

-Illustration for Org’s and

-Illustration Foundations for Weddings and religious

Are You A Publisher?

If you are an Editor or Art Director and you want us to illustrate for you, get in touch with us. You can send us an email or call us by phone.

-Editorial News

Presentations of books, competitions, fairs, new projects to keep up to date with the latest news of jobs and the editorial illustration sector, you can follow up on Facebook, Twitter or the Blog.

-Touch of the designer

This service offers illustrations composed of clean lines and simple designs to add a classic touch to your story. If you want illustrations with a subtle artist touch to add depth and dimension to your images, this is your service. With intricate details and vivid textures, this finish gives your book a real three-dimensional feel and great quality. Many projects fail because they do not have impressive illustrations, do not let that happen to you. Hire our illustration and drawing services.

-The Best Art Whatever Your Project

Books and comic: covers, back covers, illustrations and all kinds of images you need to sell and distribute your texts. Cards and role plays: drawings for card games, role play, and for instruction books. A custom-made art for all your ideas. Others: disc covers, postcards, t-shirt designs, portraits and other variants of the drawing to meet your needs.

-7 reasons why you will work with us?

Quality is the most important thing for you: you do not want mediocre jobs.

You want your idea not to go unnoticed and have an impact.

You want to make a difference between your project and the competition: you want to stand out.

You value that the work is on time and without excuses: you want a professional.

You have very clear ideas and want to represent them with the greatest fidelity.

You need advice and direction and you want our help and guidance.

You want to make good use of your money and do not take your hair .

-We can help you

Work with us and get the best result for the idea you have in mind. We will be happy to help and guide you to obtain the best results. We will help you achieve success, whether you have clear ideas or not, with a solid and personalized art for your product to reach its full potential. We have been in the illustration and concept art industry since 2009; we have more than 10 years of experience. As a professional of the recognized sector you have total guarantee of being satisfied with our work and the security that our reputation grants.

-We Guarantee You

-Professional treatment. Your project for us is very important.

-Deliveries on time: no delays and excuses.

-Our experience of more than 10 years at your service to go with sure step.

-Satisfaction for the final result: Your idea will have the art it deserves.

-Impact of quality on your target audience.

-The possibility of making a unique promotion for your product.