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Outsource BlackBerry App Development Service

The BlackBerry operating system has always been recognized as the technological solution for business people. The development of a BlackBerry application is essential if you plan to target users by investing in a lucrative industry or make compatible a BlackBerry app already on the market to increase downloads in the app store and earnings.

Whatever your needs, our BlackBerry OS programmers build successful mobile applications, following the project from software mock up to QA. Developing a BlackBerry app or making a game will be easy thanks to a BlackBerry developer who will take care of every aspect of programming and design.


Our software house specializes in programming BlackBerry applications for companies, startups, individuals and in creating 3D or 2D video games for native BB or multi-platform or multi-console apps (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo).

How to reach millions of downloads with an app? Find out how to create an advertising campaign for your BB application, in Italy or worldwide, through our software marketing and advertising services or entrusted to one of our marketing consultants to launch a mobile advertising campaign or on the web.

The information revealed for the implementation of the project is protected by our confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

-Technologies: C / C ++, Java, HTML5, UI / UX design

-Development environment: BlackBerry Java Development Environment, Phone Gap

-Operating Systems: BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry OS 7.1, BlackBerry OS 7, BlackBerry OS 6.0, BlackBerry OS 5.0, BlackBerry OS 4.7, BlackBerry OS 4.6, BlackBerry OS 4.5, BlackBerry OS 4.3, BlackBerry OS 4.2, BlackBerry OS 4.1, BlackBerry OS 4.0, BlackBerry OS 3.7, BlackBerry OS 3.6

-Architecture: Client / Server, Web Application, Smart Client, Native, Hybrid, Off-line , Database

-Services: BlackBerry Application Development, BB Application Creation, BlackBerry Enterprise Apps, Multimedia Applications, Security Applications, Create BlackBerry Ecommerce Application, Communication & Transportation Applications, BlackBerry Games Programming, Electronics Applications, Smart-Home Applications, Support GPS – Wifi – Bluetooth and sensing sensors, integration of third-party SDK BB, insertion of advertising networks banners.

Developing an  App for iPhone or iPad  today is not just a fashion but a real opportunity. The opportunity to bring your online business to a new market, that of smartphones, which today boasts a huge catchment area and growth rates higher than any other computer industry.

Analysis of specifications and competition to verify the penetration parameters in the marketplace.

Analysis and choice of the best technology type (native App or WebApp ).

Design and design of the graphical interface essential for the success of the application.

Development of the application and of the possible back-end to manage data and contents even through our proprietary Server Farm.

Publication of the application on the different market spaces following all the bureaucratic process required for the validation of the application

Web App or native App?

A different way to enter the mobile world is Web App . Through the web interfaces optimized for smartphone devices, it is possible to create services accessible from any telephone equipped with an Internet browser, whether iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry. The speed of development of this type of application allows to reduce the cost without affecting the quality of the results.

Your App? Create it and share it thanks to our products.

The great experience accumulated in this field has led us to the development of a real CMS for mobile App: Easy-App . Thanks to Easy-App and its potential, anyone can create an application for Android and iOS in a simple and intuitive way, at competitive costs, and reach the most extensive and dynamic market currently in existence.

Are you a developer? Are you looking for a quick and intuitive way to share your application in all its development phases with your team or with your client? App Sharing is the product for you. Upload your applications and share them with links or QR Codes; worried only about the development and your product to the rest thinks App Sharing.