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Billboard Advertising Agency in Bangladesh

Billboard Advertising Agency in Bangladesh Weprosys Limited offers online search and rental of advertising structures in all Major cities of Bangladesh. We are ready to offer placement on such advertising structures: billboards 3×6, city boards, super-sites, city-formats, pillars and also firewalls.

We individually approach each client.

We have extensive work experience and keen focus; we can most effectively assist in the placement of your billboard advertising. We will analyze your field of activity and offer you the most advantageous price proposals and location-friendly billboards. At your request, we will quickly assemble an address program with current offers. When selecting, we will take into account the tasks set by you and the budget.


We will respond to your request quickly and efficiently, print advertising material for the selected design, make an installation quick and provide a photo report the next day.

If you are a beginner or an already experienced business owner, then contact us for advertising placement in any Major cities in Bangladesh like Dhaka, Chittagong and sylhet and the other region. We guarantee that it is pleasant, profitable with us, and most importantly to cooperate effectively. Now, if you need outdoor advertising in Bangladesh, you know exactly who to turn to.

Our advantages:

Map of all surfaces

Guaranteed discounts

Placing your ad for 3 days

We work on your result

Our goal is your customers!

We have successful experience in locating regional and corporate companies.

Stages of work:

-You leave a request or choose a shield on our site

-We offer you the best places for your request.

-We sign a contract and start cooperation

-We approve the design layout

-We make advertising material; we mount and provide a photo report.

-We write the certificate of completion


Weprosys Limited Company offers its customers a wide range of opportunities for finding and renting billboards in various sizes.


Advertising on outdoor video screens is an excellent, prestigious and modern advertising format.


The largest advertising surfaces placed on the walls of buildings


Advertising at public transport stops allows you to quickly and effectively reach a large audience of customers.


Large-scale advertising for serious brands. Basically there are sizes 3×12, 5×12, 5×15.


These are freestanding advertising structures of 2.7×3.7 m in size with a dimming switch of images.


Freestanding advertising structures on the busy pedestrian streets of the city of 1.4×3 m in size, are illuminated at night


City format is outdoor advertising structures of 1.2×1.8 m