Benefits of Augmented Reality

Benefits of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a rapidly evolving technology that is becoming one of the most important strategic information technologies of the coming years. In short, it’s about the connection between 3D and real images using modern image processing techniques. With AR, brochures, magazines, products and packaging can be equipped with multimedia 3D data.

With a camera and appropriate software on a digital device, such as a PC or smartphone, the user gets into this advanced reality. If the real object is filmed with the camera, the terminal can display additional information and objects in real time. In contrast to Virtual Reality (VR), AR does not replace reality, but expands it with virtual data.


AR is conceivable for countless applications. For example, companies can use their product information as an experience, and marketing strategists benefit from the ability to visually understand, experience, and provide valuable additional information in a real-world environment. Also interactive advice and instructions are possible. For example, scanned codes from an automobile print ad could show all dealers in the vicinity and even navigate the user there. Or the user captures an attraction or a restaurant and receives on his screen / smartphone information about the history of a building or restaurant reviews, etc.

In the field of robotics, AR can display internal control information in the operator’s field of view. Visitors passing by an exhibition stand could use additional information or an extended booth via their mobile device. AR can be used practically in almost all areas of everyday life.

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