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Automatic services in the outsourcing Call Center Weprosys Ltd.

Processing incoming or outgoing calls often requires repetitive actions – pronouncing the same script, answering the same type of questions. Is it worthwhile to load employees with this kind of work?

Use automatic Weprosys Ltd. services! They do not get tired, do not get distracted by other things and are available around the clock on any day of the week.


Interactive voice menu


Informing clients, conducting market research and opinion polls

Auto- informer

Automatic playback of messages by phone


Informing clients, communication with participants of marketing actions

Automatic services

IVR voice menu


Auto informer

SMS distribution

Smart line (IVR + redirect)

Sending voice messages

Direct number

IVR system of voice messages

Customer greeting with an incoming call to the company

Routing of calls without the participation of an office manager

Communicating any information to customers

Ability to record a voice message and redirect it to the employee’s voice mail

Interactive voice menu

This is how Interactive Voice Response is translated, or, in abbreviated form, IVR. You probably need to hear it often – today the voice messaging system is used by many companies. Here is its typical example:

Hello, you called N.

To place an order, press 1.

To check the status of the current order, press 2.

To connect to an employee, dial its extension number or wait for the operator to answer.

IVR is a business card of your company. A polite greeting, a convenient call routing system and pleasant music while waiting for the connection will leave only positive impressions from the call. This increases customer loyalty and motivates them to contact you again and again.

Get a navigator for your subscribers!

What can IVR-system of voice messages?

IVR-tone dialing. This helps clients connect with the right department or specialist. To obtain the necessary information, they need only to press the button.

It can automatically give out information to the subscriber, either at his request or while waiting for an answer. So, with the help of IVR you can notify customers about current promotions and novelties of your company’s assortment.

Accepts and processes calls even during off-hours: allows you to record a voice message and forward it to the mail of the right employee, and can also tell the customer when your office opens and how to approach it better.


Rapidly informing a large number of clients

Call forwarding to the manager when there is a need for detailed advice

An opportunity to record a subscriber’s response: his opinion about the information received or question

Possibility to order a callback for the subscriber

Forget the routine

Auto-dialing is the best way to communicate anything to a large number of customers without unnecessary time and effort.

When using it, there is no need to dial a number manually, wait for an answer, talk through the information, call back, if the subscriber is busy or unavailable, the program will do everything.

When can I use auto-dialing?

In those cases where an individual approach to the client is not required, it is important simply to convey information. It can be:

Calling of debtor customers with a message of the amount owed.

Reminder to the client about the visit (reception at the doctor, training in the sports club, visiting the beauty salon).

Notification of the status of the order in the online store.

Informing customers about discounts and promotions.

In case the client requires more detailed information, additional calls may be provided in the call algorithm:

Switch to a company employee.

Ability to leave a voice message.

Notification of the status of the order in the online store.

Possibility to order a return call.

One of the most inexpensive and effective ways to inform a large number of customers is automatic calling. This method of alert is actively used not only by trading companies, but also by commercial banks. Such services are provided by specialized call centers that have the necessary equipment and software. The service is based on the modern technology Interactive Voice Response, or in abbreviated form – IVR.

The technology allows you to simultaneously make a large number of calls to a pre-prepared database of customer numbers and automatically transmit the necessary information. In addition to automatic calling, the technology allows you to organize a voice menu of any complexity, this makes it possible to sort clients by subject groups, and conduct social surveys.

What is auto-dialer for?

Depending on the scope of the enterprise, auto-redial can be used for such purposes as:

Notification of customers about the conduct of shares, sales or discounts.

Organization of congratulations on national holidays.

Inform about changes in prices, tariffs or contact data.

Organization of social surveys and reminders.

When contacting the Weprosys Ltd. Call Center, a voice message is created and approved by the customer in accordance with the requirements of the promotion. After that, the database of phone addresses is downloaded to the system and automatic calling begins. Call center operators compose detailed reports on the work done and, if necessary, update the database.

The service of automatic calling allows you to save company employees from constantly dialing a large number of phone numbers and repeating the same text. As practice shows, when using this service, the number of the covered audience for a certain period of time significantly increases. Even the most experienced call center operator can make a maximum of 100 calls per day, while the automatic system makes from 250 to 400 calls, depending on the volume of text and the availability of a voice menu.

Thus, the clients of your company will quickly receive the information addressed to them, and in case of a survey, within a few days you can get a complete picture of the market conditions and the company’s performance.

Auto informer

Customer retention on the line, if all operators are busy

Reproduction of any information messages to all callers

Playing nice music while waiting for the connection

Greater than an answering machine

Auto informer is a great way to demonstrate your concern for customers and without too much effort to increase their loyalty. Due to what is this happening?

If all operators are busy, instead of short beeps, the client will hear a greeting and an invitation to wait a bit.

This motivates him to stay on the line instead of calling your competitors.

If the subscriber tries to reach you during non-working hours, the auto informer will politely inform him that at the moment the office is closed and will notify the schedule of the company’s work.

The auto informer can communicate any information to every caller. For example, talk about current promotions and new offers.

You can select a separate number for the auto informer, according to which the client can quickly get the necessary information, for example, learn the repertoire of the cinema or information about the tariffs of the Internet provider.

SMS distribution

Short SMS-number for registration of promo codes by participants of marketing actions

Response messages after registration of the code indicating the winnings or the number of points scored

Distribution of notices to customers: information about actions and events, congratulations on holidays, reminder of routine examination with a doctor, car maintenance, etc.

Remind yourself

SMS-sending is a universal tool for notifying customers. To remind about the visit, to congratulate you on your birthday, to tell about new promotions, to notify about the status of the order – all this can be done with the help of short text messages.

Notification via SMS gives you a number of advantages:

The client will receive a message in any case, even if he is currently busy or is not near the phone.

Neither you nor the client will have to waste time talking.

The text format excludes options when the subscriber did not hear or forgot the information – the message remains in the phone, and it can always be re-read.

SMS for promotions

Text messages are convenient to use in conducting interactive marketing campaigns.

Weprosys Ltd. provides the following options:

Sending out notifications to participants about the action, including about the beginning and the end of its separate stages.

A convenient short number to which participants can send promotional codes .

Sending reply messages to the participants indicating the winnings or the number of points scored.

Smart line (IVR + redirect)

Today the Smart Line service is very popular, which is provided to companies and individual entrepreneurs with modern call centers. The service includes a telephone number, which usually starts with 8-800 digits and is not tied to a specific physical address. The phone number is on call center service, and all incoming calls can be forwarded to other phone numbers.

Advantages of Smart Line

Calling to call center Weprosys Ltd. and ordering the service Smart Line IVR + redirection, the customer receives such advantages as:

Receive all calls, which allow any potential customer to reach the operator the first time.

An extended multichannel line that accepts an unlimited number of incoming calls.

In the case of busy operators, the system keeps the customer on line through IVR technology.

The ability to serve subscribers around the clock, on holidays and weekends.

Increase the level of trust in the company.

How Smart Line works

Smart Line and IVR + redirection is a single telephone number with the connected system of interactive processing of incoming messages. If the customer dials to the company number and all the operators are busy, the IVR system allows you to listen to a pre-recorded greeting or an information message in order to keep the customer on the line.

When using IVR + redirect, the program launches the voice menu. This is very convenient in those cases when, by calling a single number, the client chooses with which department he needs to be connected and on what issues. This allows you to segment incoming calls and thematically separate the audience.

If necessary, the IVR system can ask the client to enter their own identification number or conditional code of the company, and then inform the information that is intended for this person or a strictly defined group of people.

Weprosys Ltd. Call Center operators record all the movements of subscribers on the system and create a full statistical map with detailed accountability of the work. This approach allows you to unload operators and increase the number of served calls.

Sending voice messages

To date, the service of sending out voice messages is the most popular and effective means of alerting a large number of customers. This service of call centers is actively used by many companies, for timely notification of a new product, shares, tariff changes or contact details. The dispatch is made by the method of automatic dialing according to a pre-prepared telephone base.

How mass mailing of voice notifications is applied

The distribution of voice messages is carried out as quickly as possible, since the subscriber understands that not a live person is talking to him, but a pre-recorded voice message is being broadcast. The software of call centers allows you to automatically substitute the name of the subscriber to whom the message from the prepared database is addressed. Powerful equipment and extended telephone lines make it possible to make up to 150 calls simultaneously and process over 1000 subscribers a day, as there is no need to answer any possible questions. The newsletter is very effective for such tasks as:

Invitation to participate in the promotion, sale or presentation.

Sending congratulations or reminders.

Notifications of change of working hours, addresses, contact details.

Mini-presentation of a new product or service.

From the advantages of automatic sending of voice messages you can note:

Fast and convenient way to notify customers.

Ability to create several types of messages and separate them into client groups.

Saving money and time, freeing staff from constant phone calls.

Correctly compiled message by competent employees of the call center with observance of rules and etiquette of business communication.

Increase loyalty to the company and the product.

The distribution of voice messages in the Weprosys Ltd. Call Center is carried out through IVR technology with the possibility of connecting the voice menu. The software allows not only to substitute the desired customer name, but also to change numerical or temporary values, in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Employees of our Call Center can compose messages in several languages ​​of the world and using the voice menu, the client will choose the language he needs.

Direct phone number

Any successful enterprise, as it grows, begins to expand and develop new territories, to open branches, representative offices, additional warehouses not only in other cities, but also in countries. For the high-quality management of all divisions, the operational communication between the head of the company and clients, many owners of companies acquire a direct number. This allows you not to tie a phone number to a specific office, actual address or city.

In other words, there will be only one number for your potential customers and branch managers, according to which they can contact you, regardless of the city or country in which you are located.

Direct number through call center Weprosys Ltd.

Ordering direct number connections in the center of Weprosys Ltd., you can pick up an easily memorized combination of numbers. Specialists of the center will help you to choose the most suitable tariff for your working conditions. Several subscribers can be connected to the number and if one of the devices is occupied, the system will automatically transfer the call to another free phone, ensuring reception of absolutely all incoming calls.

At the request of the customer, the IVR system can be connected to the number in the form of a voice menu that will separate incoming calls by subject. To a direct number you can, for example, connect several phones of different units:

Sales department


Logistics Department

Company’s manuals

Also, the system can automatically divide incoming calls by region. For example, an incoming call from Moscow will be automatically forwarded to the Moscow branch of the company or to another nearest branch.

The Weprosys Ltd. Call Center has all the necessary equipment and software that allows you to maintain a direct number during the conduct of actions or to establish a hotline when the number of calls increases many times. Also, call center operators can be brought in to service the room, which will remain on the line around the clock, without lunch or weekend. This decision will significantly increase the loyalty and credibility of the company from potential customers.