Augmented reality in advertising

Augmented Reality in Advertising

Augmented reality in advertising. Augmented reality (AR for short) – a term that currently fluctuates between hype, a playground for marketing effects and real potential – is also increasingly dominating the packaging industry. Packaging that displays its content interactively and in 3D will increasingly appear at the POS in the future.

Times when a cornflakes pack scored on the breakfast table with little puzzles and search images are probably over. If the kids soon put the pack in front of their cell phone camera, the cereal box can quickly turn into a game of skill or become a screen with sports or music video clips . Chips and chewing gum manufacturers already rely on AR: If you weave an empty bag of “Sweet Chilli Chips” by Doritos in front of the camera, it turns into virtual figures, with which online games can then be played.


The Danish toy manufacturer Lego has also discovered AR for itself and its product packaging. If the potential buyer with the so-called “Digital Box” in front of the camera in the Lego shop, appear as if by magic three-dimensional, ready-built carousels, excavators or locomotives. Through appropriate movements, the consumer can view the contents of the sales packaging from all sides and “in action” in the monitor. What you could guess in the past only on the basis of the picture on the package is now animated in all details.

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