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Audio Editing services

Our editing services are essential for the development of a professional product necessary to complete any registration process and to prepare a session for the Mix. All Editing operations are performed using the AVID Pro Tools Software (Professional Standard) by a   certified and qualified Operator directly by AVID . The software is constantly updated to the latest versions.

“Thanks to a deep knowledge of the Software I commit myself to carry out all the operations with maximum speed and efficiency and before delivering the product or going to the mixing phase I make sure I have done an absolutely perfect editing job.”


It is necessary not to underestimate the importance of this process. In fact since the advent of digital technology it has assumed a crucial role in the production process and includes:

-Choice and selection of the material recorded during the various takes

-Cleaning of the tracks

-Arrangement changes   (Time structure etc.)

-Substitutions cuts and additions. It’s the right time to experiment replace or add sounds and samples.

-Timing of rhythmic parts and not

-Implementation of   characteristic grooves and   timings

-Intonation of the vocal parts

-Preparations for preparing the session for the Mix

With the Weprosys Ltd. all the editing services shown above will be included for free if you decide to take advantage of at least one of the services available between Registration and Mix.

Tired of long sessions in the studio? Do you want to dedicate yourself to the mix without having to first think about correcting the parts? We can set a typical drum session in less than half a day or sing the vocal parts of your song in a couple of hours.

Online Editing: contact us and send us your audio material (or the whole Pro Tools session) and in a very short time we will give you a product ready for a professional mix. In this way you can significantly speed up the workflow of your productions if not even increase their quality. For more info take a look at the Online Services section.