Architecture Visualization in 3D

Architecture Visualization in 3D

Architecture Visualization in 3D. Presenting projects is one thing, bringing an idea to life through 3D visualization – making the concept, atmosphere and quality palpable – is the other. This is especially true for demanding projects – such as real estate, whose 3D visualization needs to be just as sophisticated and sophisticated as the project or product that needs to be visualized.


Therefore, we generally work in close coordination with the clients. Through personal contact, we quickly develop the right understanding of your project and support your work process through our active participation. Matching your handwriting, we design a convincing 3D visualization . We master all kinds of 3D visualization between highly detailed and abstracted, photorealistic and illustrative, restrained and emotional. The quality of our work is always the same: Even if it has to be done quickly, we realize a 3D visualization at the highest level for you.

The advantages and possibilities of these models are obvious: increased flexibility in material selection and lighting variants, realistic impression through virtual walking, building planning … A problem with this type of project visualization is that the CAD data created for the construction work is mostly used for a 3D Visualization are insufficient (only 2D, no materials, no lighting information). So it’s a  processing of basic data needed to establish a virtual view to calculate an architectural design. This effort increases accordingly, if the environment of the object is to be included in the representation (garden, neighborhood objects, position of the sun.

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