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Architectural Design Services

Presentation of construction projects in 3D architecture as a presentation and decision support

The 3D architectural visualization provides excellent opportunities for virtual walks. We offer photorealistic 3D architectural visualization for every purpose. Both for the marketing of planned buildings and for the project-accompanying design phase, the 3D architectural visualization represents the instrument with the widest range of possibilities and thus contributes directly to the easier marketing. Our experienced team of architects and computer graphic designers sets accents in the 3D architecture visualization, presentation and announcement of their construction project. Cross-style, we create atmospheric pictures from their plans.


3D virtual tours for the attractive presentation of websites and shop offers

Thrill your Internet visitors with a virtual 3D Tour. Show your website visitors all the beauty of their offer on the Internet. A virtual 3D tour is a very excellent tool to increase the time visitors spend on your website. With our virtual 3D tours, you can experience your house and your offers interactively. Allow your Internet visitors to take a look inside their homes, rooms or gardens. In this way you improve customer loyalty and sustainably increase your online orders.

Creation of 3D panoramas for the interactive presentation of spaces and landscapes

Interactive tours and virtual tours provide an impressive opportunity to present rooms and conditions on the Internet. So you can give visitors a realistic impression of spaces and landscapes day and night. We offer the right 3D panorama tour for every budget. A website gets a significant upgrade by incorporating 3D panoramas. Especially for operators of hotels, guesthouses and holiday apartments as well as in real estate sales, eg as an online real estate offer or in architecture visualization, 3D panoramas can contribute to a significant increase in customer acceptance and thus to business success.

3D films for the presentation of complex ideas and designs in architecture and mechanical engineering

A 3D film is a film that uses stereoscopic techniques to convey to the viewer a moving image with a depth impression for stereoscopic vision. 3D gives moving images a special kind of magic and opens up a whole new world of seeing to the viewer. With 3D movies, complex ideas can be easily presented and explained. Better planning in architecture, urban planning, and engineering, as well as reinforcing your selling points at trade shows and presentations are just a few of the benefits of 3D movies.

Creation of 3D Digital City to show new neighborhoods or business parks

With the digital city model, consequences of urban planning measures are simulated before real and irrevocable intervention in the cityscape. This allows plans to be understood and optimized accordingly. Digital city planning makes urban development’s tangible even before they become reality. By visualizing and early visualizing planned projects, the consequences for the cityscape are clarified, as well as the communication between city administration and the public as well as planners and investors simplified.