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Annual Report Design Services

At the moment, the company’s annual report is not only collected analytical information about its activities for the year, but also one of the tools for its impact on the target audience. In turn, the design of the annual report, unlike a simple set of figures, contributes to a more efficient perception of information by its readers.

The annual report allows to inform potential customers or investors about the strengths and competitive advantages of the company. Thus, it forms the reputation of the company as open and ready for mutually beneficial cooperation.


Designing and creating public reporting systems of any scale: from individual companies to holding structures and industries

Improving the quality of annual reports of companies with a view to ensuring transparency and accountability is an urgent task for many companies that seek to provide an effective representation of their own activities in the Local and foreign markets for suppliers of financial capital and other interested parties.

Other services

Preparation of integrated reports in accordance with international standards

A systematic approach to public reporting has proven effective in addressing this challenge.

Projects for the creation of public reporting systems are aimed at:

consistent improvement in the quality of reports and the effectiveness of the process of their preparation (reducing the costs and timing of the preparation of a separate report, improving the effectiveness of interaction between the parent company and subsidiaries and affiliates, etc.);

Ensuring compliance of reports with international standards;

Improving the quality of corporate governance.

We have experience in creating a system for public reporting of large businesses

The standard set of services for the formation of the public reporting system includes:

Analysis of the company’s stakeholder environment and analysis of the state of affairs in the organization of reporting processes;

Building the process of interaction with stakeholders during the preparation of the report and monitoring their interests;

The implementation of a business process management system related to the preparation of the report;

Formation of local normative acts in the field of reporting (policies, standards, regulations, regulations, etc.);

Creation and / or updating of information collection systems (if necessary, forming a set of key corporate indicators for reporting);

Further training of the company’s employees in the field of reporting;

Creation of motivational mechanisms for company personnel;

The introduction of technological elements for the preparation of reports.

You can order any combination of these services depending on the needs of the company. Optional services are also available: conducting dialogues and public / stakeholder hearings on the draft report, implementing procedures for identifying significant topics for disclosure in the report; bench-marking of reporting processes in comparable companies, etc.