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Animation services

Production of presentation films, Production of animation in modern video production is more popular and efficient from older style. Modern animation offers a lot of opportunities for successful marketing. Visual means are able to create a memorable image for the Customer’s services and products and make only a positive impression on the customers.

Production of high quality animation clips first of all depends on the marketing component which is reflected in the answers to the following questions:

What kind of commercial is more suitable for you?

What is the way to choose in order to maximally intelligibly convey to the viewer the meaning of the promotion?

How can you assess the effectiveness of a future product at an early stage?

Armed with modern marketing is such an effective mechanism, as the latest video technology. Production animation, high-quality graphics in 2D, 3D or flash format increasingly turns into a different direction, different from how we used to see the animation. Animation commercials are a growing sphere of advertising video production, which requires special skill and professionalism.


To attract and retain the client now are sought by any means. In the cycle of information and events and the statistical person there is almost no time and desire to read large texts or to wander your site for a long time in search of the necessary information and service. Video and animation comes to the rescue. And it is the latter that brings a number of advantages, for which it has become very popular lately.

What is 2D / 3D animation and why is it needed?

The animation roller is mostly made short. This is often a small story or instruction, which in a minute has time to convey to a potential customer what your company does, what is good is your product or explains the navigation on the site. There are many applications, but the main function is quick and interesting to show the user your advantages and benefits that you can bring to him. Animation is widely used by brands in commercials, presentations, instructions. It not only communicates the targeted message to users but also works for a positive image of your company. It’s time to apply this tool in your business.

The following animation styles are selected:

2D animation;

3D animation;

Flat animation;

Personal animation;

Drawn classic animation.

Main advantages:

The main advantage of animation in the boundless possibilities of the script and implementation. You can revitalize your logo or carry out even the most insane ideas that in real life you cannot crank. Such videos always attract attention and cause users’ interest in your company and its services. Animation allows in a simple form to explain the benefits of cooperation with you and show your best. Also an important factor is its relative cheapness, when compared with full-scale surveys involving actors, equipment and other things. Then, as in the animation clip, it’s all easy to draw. And if you want to make any changes.

How to create an animated movie

Several specialists work on the creation of the animation, because for the right result you need to think over many details. Everything begins with the development of the idea, and then a script is written that will satisfy the customer’s wishes and goals. Story boarding of the main scenes and actors are being worked out. Prescribed dialogue or off-screen text, given to the speaker for voice acting. Designers animate graphics. A music track is created. Then it all comes down together and you get a ready-made video, which is sent for approval to the client.

More information about the types of videos, the terms of implementation and prices you will be glad to tell our specialists and help you choose the best option for you. Team Weprosys Ltd. will make for you a quality and effective animation that will serve to popularize your business.