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Animatics Services

Animatic (animatic) – usually, this is a series of static pictures, shown sequentially, one after another. The pictures in a simplified form outline the key frames of the film. This sequence of pictures helps to understand how this or that scene will look in motion and feel the timing of the scenes. Often, test dialogs and / or soundtracks are superimposed on this sequence to make it clear how the picture works together with the sound.


Animation is mainly needed:

To determine the timing (how much time is needed for each scene) in the future animation;

Sometimes even to determine the composition of each scene, ie. How the camera will move, the characters, where they will stand relative to the camera and the objects of the environment;

And only lastly for a very approximate planning of the appearance of the future animation.

To determine the appearance of the future animation, high-quality concepts (drawings) are used, according to which modelers will model 3D-models of characters and environments.

Thus, since the goal of the animator is the transmission of timekeeping, and not the quality / reliability of the picture, all forces will be applied in this direction.

That is why the animatic to small projects (and sometimes to large ones) can resemble the following scene: a cube approaches the sphere, something says it, a pyramid appears, also something says.

What you need to create an animatic.

Ready script:

Ready dialogues (voice acting). If there is no voice acting yet, write down your own rough draft so that you can estimate the time that is needed for each dialogue.

If already there are ready-made modeled characters or some objects of interaction, then we take them. If not, then simulate something approximately the same.

Minimal knowledge of animation in Cinema 4d.

Minimal knowledge of some program for the composite, so that you can collect the video and put on it a sound track with dialogs.