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Animated Logo Design Services

At Weprosys Ltd. we are specialists in Animated Logo Design Services. We endow it with life creating exclusive animations with great visual impact. You can add it to your corporate promotional videos, on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other platform that may be necessary.

Each logo has its own characteristics and style that’s why its animation depends a lot on its nature, going through animations of classic, modern, avant-garde, etc.


In Weprosys Ltd. develop animations completely custom, we do not use templates. We create a movement and style according to the aesthetics of your logo, so that the whole is coherent and homogeneous. Would you also like to have sound and music effects? For only $ 20 extra we will make it real.

We deliver the animation of your logo in the formats you need, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG, etc. so you can display them on any device.

Do not you think that animated logos would be a great idea to apply in a project? Of course it is. Here we share this collection of incredible animated logos. There is no need to say that the design of a logo represents the brand of a company, institution, organization or name.

A logo known colloquially as a logo is that distinctive or emblem made up of letters, abbreviations, among the most common, peculiar and particular alternatives of a company product or specific brand.

Normally the logo includes a symbol that allows the observers of the same to associate it immediately with the Brand Company or product in question.

The logo is not a new issue of modernity, but quite the opposite since it is a rather old practice, for example, in ancient times, artisans, marked the works they had created with a logo and also the logo It was a tool widely used by monarchs to cross legal documents, through a personal logo made by hand, or through a stamp, they left their imprint on the documents.

Weprosys Ltd. offers you our entire collection of creative tools for desktop such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Adobe Premiere Pro, Currently there are many styles in the design of logos , such as the outline logo, sports logo design, logo design in text mode logo design etc. all depending on the need of your product or organization. In the Blog we have shared minimalist, creative, impressive, beautiful, easy to remember logos, but all static so this time we share a collection of creative animated logos whose design and animation are quite interesting to look at.

Get Photoshop as part of a unique Weprosys Ltd. application plan. We hope this type of design of animated logos will serve as inspiration for future projects that you have in mind.