Advantages of product films in 3D visualization

Advantages of product films in 3D visualization

Advantages of product films in 3D visualization. 3D product videos are still rarely used on the Internet. With a 3D product video you can better convince the interested parties of a product within about two minutes than with any other medium. There are a few points that need to be considered. Clear: the content is important and the publication. And of course the answer to the question, which advantages the product represents for the customer.

One should use an attractive thumbnail for the 3D video to arouse the interest of the visitor. The potential customer must already be packed in the first few seconds. There are many points to consider in the image of a video that are relevant to the success of a good 3D promotional video. Which background should be seen? What kind of detail views and zooms are provided? Should only the product be seen, described by a voice from the off, or should a moderator with on the picture? The product presented must be in the center, and there must be no reflections or shadows that could distract the user from the product. For example, if the product lives off its color, it must be highlighted.


Take as an example ” jewelery “: one should show it as a whole (all around view) but also go into the details (stones, engravings). The peculiarities must be clear. The video should not be too long and should be set to music. You can also work with text overlays. For product videos, these are a useful means of communicating non-spoken content with graphic or textual elements. The customer benefits by, for example, learning additional dimensions or color variants of a product.

When introducing a video strategy, it is important to avoid these minor pitfalls and to observe some rules. 3D product videos offer an effective way to communicate your own content and competencies in the online shop to the relevant target groups in an authentic way. In addition, videos are very easily distributed via blogs and social media. And then nothing stands in the way of success.

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