Advantages of 3D furniture configurators

Advantages of 3D furniture configurators

Advantages of 3D furniture configurators. With 3D visualizations, furniture and interiors can be interactively viewed from all sides directly in the browser. So many customer questions are already visually answered and support maturing purchasing decisions from the first moment. The 3D Furniture Configurator is a new unique presentation technique for furniture. The user has an intense AHA experience the first time they visit your website or eShop, which sets them apart from your competition.


Dealers and sales staff will receive an effective marketing and consulting tool with the 3D Furniture Configurator. Always accessible via the Internet and operable with all important end devices thanks to its cross-system functionality. No matter if iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or Pc, the 3D Furniture Configurator is running.

3D visualizations are created completely in the computer and do without real furniture. This means that no manufacturing costs incurred for the production of furniture. With a furniture with eg 15 colors or materials, that is enormous savings. The transport costs to the photo studio and back and the associated transport damage are completely eliminated in a virtual photograph (because that’s just a visualization). It is no secret that a photographer or a photographer justifiably charges fees and additional costs, such as for image processing, development and archiving of recordings. However, that you save a lot of time, as you do without all the above-mentioned obstacles in the future to advance directly to the actual goal: a high-quality presentation in print & digital media of your furniture, is largely unknown!

When customers are allowed to be creative, two very important things happen:

  1. Your customers create something that they do unconsciously and build a relationship with their own “furniture creation “, whether it’s just my favorite color or the entire design.
  2. Customers make the decision to prefer this unique (self-created) furniture to all other furniture. So the only question is: buying or not buying?

In these times of great individualism, a configurator for furniture is in vogue. Combined with the best image quality (photorealistic) and the cross-system usability (browser, smartphone, table-pc) you not only increase the attention for your furniture, but also bind your customers to your website for many minutes, which is what search engines really like and therefore a high quality Ranking of your website guaranteed!

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