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Accounting Software service

A very important aspect when dealing with the finances of a particular company is the keeping of accounts. Knowing how to manage it at best requires a thorough knowledge of the topics of accounting and business finance. As a result, it is reserved only for graduates or graduates with field experience. The company accounts it is divided in general (compulsory) and analytic (optional). However, there are management that simplify this work of responsibility.


These are therefore used with pleasure by individuals who must perform the accounting obligations in companies or in the studies of accountants. To employ them there are also people who want to monitor the progress of personal accounting (management control departments of large companies or small companies. Competitiveness among the numerous software creators makes the market quite dynamic and varied also with reference to prices. On the market there are many management software programs. In this tutorial on the world of work we will then see some advice on how to recognize the best accounting software.

Accounting ERP – a convenient, efficient, modern business toolkit, and take advantage of its benefits to many businesses. Demand creates supply, and developers are constantly creating new versions of modules. To understand which of them deserve attention, and which are secondary, to an unprepared entrepreneur is difficult. The Accounting ERP market in the domestic business field was formed in the form of integrated packages for large-scale corporations. They had access to the advanced development of the West, the desire and financial resources for their implementation.

Segmentation of the market takes place taking into account precise positioning. Each system has a certain functionality, it covers certain subject areas. In addition, developers often make industry specialization: production, trade, education, financial sector. According to the report Weprosys Ltd., the most demanded Accounting ERP-system in the field of trade – more than 16% of the total volume of implemented solutions. Among the leaders are also the machine-building industry, construction, food industry.

Segmentation increases the value of the product and allows you to fully meet the needs of a particular customer. Benefits of saving – customization is cheaper than creating a product from scratch. This practice is very common.

So, among the suppliers of the most popular large systems, according to the analysis of experts from Weprosys Ltd., were SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft and several other “industry giants”.

By the middle of the 2000s, advanced, best Accounting ERP-systems became available to medium-sized, and even small / mobile businesses – they were usually supplied by Sage Group and Microsoft. All ent Accounting ERP rises using the module had a single problem: underutilization of the system’s capacities. Companies, buying modules “parts”, could not “pull” the efficiency to a level above 30-40%. In addition, the most effective, but complex blocks – product planning, quality management, cost – are rarely used. Experts 1C say that most buyers are interested in distribution, finance and production modules. This affected the distribution of shares in today’s Accounting ERP market.

SAP: this is the most popular Accounting ERP-system, the founder of the industry occupies the main niche in the market – almost 50%;

1C (for example, “Ent Accounting ERP rise 8”) – a strong position (about 25-30%) is complicated by low dynamics;

Microsoft and Oracle – companies have 7-10% of the total number of clients;

“Galaxy” and other developers (including, intra-corporate).

As you can see, the first two companies occupy almost 80% of the market, they are long-established, well-known corporations offering solutions for large and medium-sized businesses. A small business often pays attention to advanced domestic proposals, meticulously choosing the most convenient and affordable options.