3D visualizations and 3D animations in fashion

3D Visualizations and 3D Animations in Fashion

3D visualizations and 3D animations in fashion. The fashion industry is facing a technological change: In the future, every garment could be designed using 3D software – as has long been the norm for many high-tech products. “3D helps to make ideas come true faster in a designer’s mind,” said one designer.

The first advantage is that the 3D model allows the designer to make changes at will, to raise or lower the hem of the skirt, to move seams or to judge the reflection of different materials in different lighting conditions, and also to visualize the drape of folds during movements.


Also in terms of the selection of models could change a lot by 3D. Previously, the designer designed a skin couture outfit and then his agents searched for the right model for the presentation on the catwalk. Because there are clothes but no off-the-peg models, the designs before the show still had to be lavishly adapted. Now you save the dimensions of the favorite model to the millimeter in the computer. With just a few mouse clicks, a new garment can be adapted to the model.

And so is the sale. The 3D software is a tool to let the customers adapt one of the clothes to the body. That cost time and money. In the future, the customers go shopping online. In a virtual showroom, the customer sees how the dress would look on her. In the future, it should even be possible to upload the body measurements of the customer into the shop and to adapt the garment directly to it.

What comes next could revolutionize the fashion industry. Because the three-dimensional digital model of the garment, adapted to the buyer, is sent to the factory where it is cut and sewn. The software generates a pattern sheet so that the factory can start right away and delivery times are short.

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