3D Visualizations and 3D Animations in Fashion Part Three

3D Visualizations and 3D Animations in Fashion Part Three

3D visualizations and 3D animations in fashion Part Three. You cannot print on paper anymore. For some years, the three-dimensional pressure is on the rise and is steadily gaining in relevance. Also in fashion. But only very few people are aware of how much this technology could change their lives in terms of fashion. Already now you can design colorful plastic chains on the computer limited in different stores and print out the same. This has little to do with proper fashion. But 3D printed clothing has already found its way onto international catwalks.

And what about the design process for a 3D printed dress? The Dutch designer Iris van Herpen, for example, starts with the modeling of a three-dimensional, human body on the computer. The resulting, finished design is finally transformed into a 3D printable file. The file is then subsequently printed and cleaned and ready to be put on.


A file and a 3D printer would, in principle, be enough to make a dress. For domestic use, such a technique is currently still very expensive, but once the prices are lowered, opens up completely new, previously unimaginable possibilities. So in the future, can we simply print out our wardrobe at home?

But even if the technology of 3D printing has recently made at least in the fashion rapid steps forward, it is still far in the beginning and is at least currently no threat to textile production, fashion boutiques and countless jobs. Because still, the 3D – Printed products pure plastic parts, even if the optics here and there may remind, for example, of wood or flowing silk. The 3D printers can not yet produce textiles. And you probably will not want to do without wool, denim and leather, at least for the next twenty years.

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