3D visualization of vehicles

3D visualization of vehicles

3D visualization of vehicles. Since the first day of existence, the automobile has played an important role. And meanwhile, complex advertising and sales measures are more important than ever. The 3D visualization is strongly integrated in sales processes. That is, the three-dimensional representation allows insights and perspectives that reduce the level of abstraction of the product understanding. Thus, functions or internal processes can be visualized, which are otherwise hidden by the product design. If objects are also animated, in addition to the function often the inner or outer breath of a visualization object can be communicated.

The use of CAD data as a basis opens up considerable saving and creativity potential for car manufacturers in creating image content for the print, film and web sectors.



Web configurators in the vehicle sector offer the user the opportunity to interactively examine all available vehicle models in conjunction with equipment details such as exotic woods, wheels, paint colors and upholstery and thus represent the desired vehicle according to individual customer requirements. This interactive presentation of the entire product range creates a clear added value for the Internet presence.


Whether moving image or still, based on the visualization data, virtual or existing vehicles can be incorporated into real-rotated film material or in real-life photographed backgrounds.


Weprosys Ltd 3D specialists support the design process by being able to present individual development steps promptly and thus present them immediately. Product positioning and market launch strategies can be more easily accomplished and underpinned.


We also create motifs for print products on the computer that are no different from real pictures. The advantages are fully realized: The customer receives a significantly shortened product and thus development and market introduction cycle through this technology.

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