3D visualization of car parts

3D visualization of car parts

3D visualization of car parts. For the visualization of complex technologies very sophisticated instruments are needed, which often have to be developed only for the individual problem. Significant is the visualization, for example, in the automotive industry. There are technical design drawings for all car parts. So far, visualizations have been traced, for example, for manuals of employees with commercial training in manual work, since most companies work with several design programs, which makes a uniform visualization impossible.


Now, however, the picture is broken down into millions of tiny triangles, which together form a lattice image. A special feature is that you can delete all image information that is not visible to the naked eye. The employees work with a coarsening filter, which can be undone at any time, so that the “real” image information remains untouched.

If the image has enough corners and lines, the user can, for example, “paint “individual car parts with the click of a mouse. It is just as easy to set light sources or define camera viewpoints to ultimately achieve a realistic play of colors with nuanced shading. The visualization software can be used not only in design and marketing departments, but also in spare parts, or for training of car dealers.

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