3D visualization for bathrooms

3D visualization for bathrooms

3D visualization for bathrooms. For bath photography, the bathroom is visually correct and skillfully set in scene. For example through a virtual tour of the bathroom or through advertising photos. Thus one can use reference photos even more in the context of the self-marketing. The bath as oasis of well-being – who would not like that?! The bathroom is also a kind of “business card” with an external effect. But bathrooms are usually small. The bathtub or a shower, the toilet and a washbasin find just so much space. Nevertheless, it is possible, even in small bathrooms, one or the other piece of bathroom furniture set up, usually cabinets or shelves.


Bathroom furniture is made of different materials. Cabinets are mainly made of wood or at least wood-like materials. Bathroom cabinets, which are made entirely of glass, or at least of large glass components, are particularly classy. For example, glass shelves, but also doors or the body. In interaction with metal, as it is often used, the elegance can be increased a bit. Excellently edited images help with decision-making. Reflections, different light settings and also configurators complete the offer for the first online bathroom selection.

The same is true for the door fronts. They are often kept in bathroom furniture in a different color than the body of the cabinet. Colorful colors add momentum to a cool and drab bathroom. Shelves are made of wood, but these are often made of metal or plastic. Proper bathroom furniture sets and great bathroom furniture with matching accessories make every bathroom a real oasis of well-being. With 3D accessory photography, the focus is more on these surfaces, giving the customer a boost with his imagination.

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