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3D visualization and product rendering for consumer products

3D visualization and product rendering for consumer products. The FMCG industry is constantly changing and there are always new trends to watch. Global macro trends such as increasing international networking or increasing environmental awareness have a lasting influence on consumer behavior, especially in the area of ​​wellness products. Sellers and buyers therefore have to react quickly and present new pictures online. With a 3D visualization you are always up to date.

3D animation and 3D product visualization of consumer goods for manufacturers and retailers

In the field of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), the digital 3D presentation in the trade communication has already established today. Savings potentials are always opened up when it comes to a particularly high quality of presentation within the framework of a picture-intensive communication. In the case of series productions with recurring forms and contents, for example, the higher set-up costs are amortized. The same applies to productions where an identical studio design is required in each case.


3D visualization and animations of sporting goods for advertising and social media communication

Sporting goods in 3D allows the user unique viewing opportunities from all perspectives. All products are displayed in 3D and the photographs in a special order allow a sensational new product experience of each article. On the Internet, the customer can rotate the products and zoom in multiple times. Thus, all sporting goods can be considered down to the last detail.

3D animation and 3D visualization of jewelry for manufacturers and retailers

Today, the presentation of jewelry is mainly limited to 2D product images. This incurs costs for advertising photography and photo editing. With the proliferation of mobile media devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, innovative forms of jewelry presentation are possible. Profi-3D creates, renders and animates 3D jewelry models based on ordinary 2D photographs. An appealing and emotional form of presentation that does not yet appear on the internet in this form.