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3D visualizations and modeling for jewelry

As an expert in 3D visualization for jewelery, over the past few years we have built up a great deal of experience for our customers in the jewelery and watch industry. Our extensive portfolio of services covers the presentation of jewelery in 3D as a multimedia moving image and as app programming. We create media for the online shop as well as for fairs, the shop and advertising / promotion.

Professional 3D modeling and jewelry visualization

For the creation of a 3D modeling and the rendering for jewelery we need normal product photos of the jewelery – taken from different perspectives and in good resolution. Alternatively, we can also process CAD data. Based on the 3D model we render the pieces of jewelry and can animate them individually and create them as a 3D clip.


3D modeling jewelry

Diadem 3D jewelry presentation

3D visualization jewelry

Earring 3D jewelry presentation

Ring 3D jewelry presentation

3D jewelry rendering

Chain 3D jewelry presentation

Ring 3D jewelry presentation

3D jewelry video Presentation

However, jewelery cannot be staged just for a trade fair presentation, one’s own website, the online shop or as part of a storytelling process. In the context of TV or cinema advertising, jewelery manufacturers can effectively set emotional accents and position their brand.

3D jewelry app programming

App programming for jewelry App presentation in mobile shops for iOS and Android.