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Virtual Reality – Augmented Reality

3D Virtual Reality Services:

3d Virtual reality Services for architects and product manufacturers. Virtual reality refers to the simulation of an artificial world by specifying appropriate sensory stimuli. This essentially comprises a mixture of computer graphics, projection technology, perceptual psychology and the interface between man and machine. Important aspects for high-quality virtual reality are: large-format presentation, position tracking and intuitive interaction options. Through these techniques, the viewer immerses in a representation and interacts with it similar to how he is used to from reality.


Virtual reality

Virtual reality can be found in computer games, aviation, architecture and industry. Thus, not only in the game world does Virtual Reality make a huge step forward, but it can also prove useful in everyday situations. So you can experience and see things that you will never see in reality.

Our services in the field of virtual reality:

– Minimization of operational risk through complete and comprehensible documentation

– Reduction of error costs through realistic training

– Faster coordination of different departments thanks to understandable visualization

– High transparency through virtual representation

Virtual Reality – Augmented Reality

The carmaker set Virtual Reality (VR) already at Autobau one. Long before the vehicles go into production, the designers can examine their designs in the virtual environment from outside and inside and thus receive inspirational impulses to improve their developments. Similarly, architects could commit objects with their builders before any excavator bucket was dug. For furniture wholesalers, customers have the opportunity to submit new offers as part of a virtual reality showroom.

Virtual reality for automobiles Virtual reality for furniture