3d Virtual reality Services for architects and product manufacturers 2018-03-31T08:12:51+00:00

3d Virtual reality Services for architects and product Manufacturers

Virtual reality for architects and product manufacturers

Virtual Reality essentially comprises a mixture of computer graphics, projection technology, perceptual psychology and the interface between man and machine. Not only does Virtual Reality make huge progress in the game world, it can also be useful in everyday situations such as architecture. This minimizes the operational risk by providing complete and comprehensible documentation and reduces error costs through realistic training.

Mobile 3D visualization for online configurators – mobile devices

With a mobile 3D visualization companies can allow their partners, suppliers and customers access to project-related 3D data. The mobile 3D visualization makes it possible to represent 3D spatial models for configurable visual design including illustrative 3D representations. In this way you create detailed images of high-quality textures and obtain sales support through interactive involvement of the customer.