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3D Virtual Home Staging Services

3D Virtual Home Staging ServicesSuccessful Real Estate MarketingThe term “home staging” refers to the professional furnishing of rooms or completes real estate (private or commercial) for sales promotion. Through the targeted use of furniture, colors, light, wall and floor design, real estate is prepared for sale. Conventional home staging has been an integral part of the real estate industry for years, especially in the USA, Sweden or the Netherlands.


Unfortunately, traditional home staging is often time-consuming and costly – depending on the condition of the premises or the real estate. Virtual home staging offers a cheap and flexible alternative with the aid of 3D technology. We create a pleasant room atmosphere (modern, classic, individual), in order to give prospective buyers a first impression of the quality of the property.

Advantages of Virtual Home Staging:

– Time and cost savings

– Flexibility in the design

– Individual creation of room atmospheres (light, colors, etc.)

– Quick creation and changes without much time required

– Creation of 3D Home Staging images even for private sellers

Virtual Home Staging: Living Room

The living room is a very important living area in a house or in a condominium. It is therefore necessary to vividly illustrate this space by photorealistic graphics promotional. Virtual Home Staging offers the possibility of creating a new room atmosphere from an empty room including exposure, new colors and floors. This offers potential buyers the best possible basis for decision-making. The visualization is essentially an image that clearly and understandably represents what a modern living room could look like.

Virtual Home Staging Living Room

Virtual Home Staging: Bedroom

With the help of 3D technology in the context of virtual home staging, very individual pictures can be created for the bedroom. The room atmosphere in this case is very much influenced by colors and the room exposure, so that the selected room style comes into its own to fill the living space with life.

Virtual Home Staging Bedroom