3d Technologies in the Jewelry Industry

3d Technologies in the Jewelry Industry

3D technologies in the jewelry industry. Jewelry market, design language and especially the manufacturing techniques are constantly evolving. This cannot be overlooked when leafing through the trade magazines. Few of the pieces of jewelery pictured there are still on the work board today. The benefits of virtual design and planning of jewelry collections are just too big to ignore today. The weights of pieces of jewelery can be calculated precisely during construction and precisely influenced by excavation and material thickness adjustment.


Material combinations and proportions can be simulated without great effort and visualized immediately photo-realistic. With parametric 3D design software, after the basic model has been created, all dimensions can be modified with little effort and adapted to customer requirements, ring sizes or stone sizes. Combining this technique with gold smiting knowledge in the construction as well as craftsmanship in the assembly and finish, this piece of jewelery can be created, the precision and formal expression are far above the average.

A great security when selling your work offers the photorealistic rendering. Photo realistic product images of your designs will help you to communicate with the customer, avoid misunderstandings and thus unnecessary costs, time and work.

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