3D technologies in the automotive industry

3D Technologies in the Automotive Industry

3D technologies in the automotive industry. Constantly increasing customer expectations regarding product design, safety, functionality and connectivity pose major challenges for automotive manufacturers worldwide. The entire industry is under pressure to provide new models and variants faster and faster that meet customer expectations.

An increasing number of models and individual options are facing falling sales areas and have triggered an interesting market trend. Digital shop concepts based on high-quality 3D data, which are used in innovative solutions, open up new product experiences and delight customers.


Showroom concepts are redefined and are on the rise in the inner cities. This presents dealers with the challenge of presenting the entire range of products on a smaller exhibition space. Configurators make it possible to provide your customers with an innovative shopping experience and an individual product experience based on comprehensive tools and solutions with only a low investment requirement.

The use of high-end 3D visualization along the entire value chain simplifies processes in product development and market introduction. Even in the early stages of design and development, digital models emerge that can later be used in marketing and sales. Such technologies are already being used successfully by leading automotive manufacturers – from specialized tools to enterprise-wide applications .

Virtual tools for successful selling: Impress your customers with interactive 3D worlds in different channels. The 3D visualization opens up new ways in particular for virtual sales campaigns, personalized customer contact, product interaction and even employee training – on site, at events or online.

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