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3D Products Services

3D product design for promising presentations at trade fairs and in the web shop

3D Products Services. We provide a comprehensive solution that covers the entire product development process with 3D product design, simulation, collaboration, and visualization tools. With the help of 3D programs, we visualize your CAD models and sketched ideas tangibly and plastic-ally. Throughout the product development phases, our meaningful visualizations provide an impressive view of your planned designs. We also support you in the development of architectural projects, product and business interior design.

3D product animation to demonstrate product design and product features

A product presentation with 3D animation is an ideal way to showcase your products. Of course, as a manufacturer or retailer, you want to convince your online visitors of your products. With interactive product animations or demos in the form of a 3D animation, 3D visualization or 3D rendering, all information about your product is made visible to the visitor at a glance.


Prototypes Visualization in the product development process for manufacturers and research institutions

Prototypes Visualization is an integral part of the product development process today. In the prototype visualization, a computer model of the object under development is formed and then analyzed like a real prototype. In this way, different variants of a product can be created and examined virtually without a real prototype having to be built. This reduces time and costs in product development, accelerates the market launch and increases the quality of the product.

Interactive product demo: Emotional customer approach and awakening of buying interest

An interactive product demonstration enriched with product information and explanations gives the customer a good overview of the product’s capabilities. Furthermore, this opens up new possibilities for communication at the point of sale and thus opens up new business potential. It can also make your business more efficient.

3D assembly instructions for the simple communication of complex contents / functions

With animated assembly instructions, you offer your customers real added value compared to their competitors, because they save them a torture during assembly: By clicking or scanning a QR code, you can show your customers how to professionally assemble your product. With an animated assembly instruction, you can call up previously untapped potentials in your marketing or communication concept and provide customers with a literally visible added value.