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3D Product Packaging Design Services

For us 3D Product Packaging Design Services is an integral part of the work in the conception of each new type of packaging, be it a box, a box, a case, a container or a Bag in Box.

in fact technology possible it to create three-dimensional models of your packaging a quick and efficient way to illustrate how the look of your product will appear to the end customer.


Every box, exhibitor, gadget is carefully studied in the preliminary phase both in the plane and in the three-dimensional view where nothing chance to left.

This way of operating applied during the design phase also allows to carry out in- depth checks in advanceon each distinct element that makes up the packaging that will then be realized.

in fact The 3D model (created by the die design) allows us to verify in detail every minimum detail so that everything is designed to perfection and that there are no errors that could create problems during construction.

Only after this stage we proceed with the creation of a first physical sample, which will allow us to test the validity of the original idea, directly using the selected material and possibly further refining the die design.

3D Rendering in packaging design

The task performed by 3D Rendering is not limited to the design phase of the solid and therefore of the physical container.

The same method is also used by the technician to check in preview the appearance and, more importantly, the visual impact of the graphic made to coat the packaging.

In this way it is possible to ascertain the presence of errors in terms of graphic design and it is also possible to provide customers with a first model in a complete and rather realistic representation of what they will see, later on,physically, first in a sample made in pre-series or prototype, then in production.