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Outsource 3D Modeling Services

3D modeling Service is the process that allows you to create and modify a three-dimensional shape, or a 3D model, through specific 3D software. 3D modeling software is different in case the file you want to work is in the form of “point cloud” or mesh, surfaces or solids. By requesting the 3D modeling service from Weprosys Ltd. , you can quickly get the 3D files you need, in the right format for what you want to do.

Weprosys Ltd. offers a 3D modeling service for point clouds, meshes, NURBS or CAD models. We can help you shape your file of any three-dimensional shape, from complex organic shapes to solid parametric models. If you have a real object that you want to reproduce or transform we can help you to realize it, even though a 3D scan of the piece, modeling it later.

Weprosys Ltd. 3D Modeling Service

Weprosys Ltd. 3D Expert has in-depth knowledge of the different 3D modeling techniques, according to customer needs, Weprosys Ltd. offers you the service using different software, in many application areas such as in industry, in mechanical design, in the jewelry industry and craftsmanship and in all professional fields of design.

Weprosys Ltd. does not limit your creativity and can support you in the 3D modeling of all your projects, which for now is just a drawing, or if you already have a mesh and you want to start modifying a product that you particularly like!

Through our 3D software, we can convert 3D scans into optimized meshes, but also extract from the mesh accurate CAD surfaces, exportable directly in native format to the most widespread CAD systems, in excellent quality and in a very short time.

3D CAD modeling: what are the types of 3D software used?

– The service offered by Weprosys Ltd. can be realized with different 3D modeling programs depending on the desired result.

-Each sector has specific needs, so the software used is different. The processing skills are important to achieve an excellent figure whether it is an artistic artifact or a mechanical piece.

-Crafts, manufacturing, art and cinema sector: mesh or polygonal modeling

-3D mesh modeling allows to work a file in the form of a “cloud of points” that connected form polygons, more often then it is called polygonal mesh modeling.

-This type of 3D modeling is ideal for artistic forms , the entertainment industry (video games, cinema) or for natural forms that leave full freedom to creativity and imagination, where in fact a millimeter geometry check is not required.

For example, you can freely model animal forms, parts of the human body, mythological creatures, fabrics, natural forms, etc. to join them or associate them with other objects, creating new unique and exclusive shapes. In this case you can use a 3D modeling program such as Geomagic Wrap, Creaform VXmodel, Zbrush or Autodesk Maya. Often this modeling is also used following a 3D scan carried out by 3D scanner, to clean the mesh and remove any parts of noise or error. The most commonly used mesh formats are: STL, OBJ, PLY

Industrial sector, prototype, jewelry: geometric modeling or NURBS

It is a 3D CAD modeling based on curves – or NURBS (Non-Uniform-B-Spline) geometries – which allows to realize both simple geometric objects such as lines, circles or spheres, and complex 3D “Free Form” models such as example in the automotive sector.

This type of 3D modeling, which allows you to interchange geometric models between various programs, has many applications and can be used in design, jewelry, accessories, or the high precision of the geometry is also used in the engineering phase of the product and in making prototypes and molds.

The most commonly used 3D CAD modeling programs are Rhinoceros, Cinema 4d, Autodesk Alias, and Autodesk Autocad. This type of modeling can also be done on files obtained using a 3D scanner, to create new geometric shapes starting already from the 3D scanning data.

Automotive, industrial, manufacturing sector: 3D or parametric CAD modeling

3D or parametric CAD modeling allows you to draw geometric solids that can always be modified, even after creating the model, without having to reconstruct them because they are created through numerical parameters that are always manageable and variable, such as length, height, depth, etc.

Processing can be reversible and infinitely transformable, at any time. Precise and accurate, this process allows to develop products limiting the construction of real prototypes, saving time and costs.

You can do product simulations such as FEM analysis or dynamic analysis, or simulations on the production processes of rapid prototyping, in foundry, for laser cutting of sheet metal, but also for use with CAD-CAM technologies.

The 3D CAD modeling is often used in engineering, mechanical or mechatronics with 3D modeling programs such as Geomagic Design X or PolyWorks Modeler.

The most commonly used CAD formats are: IGS, STP.

3 Reasons to choose the 3D CAD modeling of Weprosys Ltd.:

To make 3D CAD modeling of a 3D file, our technicians are at your disposal, here are 3 reasons to choose the Weprosys Ltd. service:

-Flexibility: we use specific programs depending on what you want to achieve;

-Expertise: expert staff, constantly updated 3D modeling software;

-Speed: very short realization times and delivery of the requested file;

We will evaluate together the starting model, whether it is a real object, a mesh or another file that you want to modify, to make the prototype you need, in the format you want. The third-party 3D modeling service is a great solution in case you occasionally need to model files. In this way you can take advantage of the experience of technicians who constantly use the latest software and can advise you which is the best procedure to create the 3D model you need.

Modeling and 3D rendering

3D modeling can represent the initial phase to realize a subsequent 3D rendering. More and more in the interior design sector, 3D scans are required for subsequent 3D modeling and 3D rendering of supplies such as furniture, cabinets, chairs, frames, beds, desks, chandeliers and any type of accessory that has irregular shapes and too complex to be recreate manually.

In fact, it is possible to re-create environments and insert all the furnishings inside, modeling the file in 3D in order to simulate an actual real size. Once you have created the walls, interior parts, doors, windows, etc., you can proceed with the application of the materials. The materials reproduce through colors or texture the physicality of objects, for example wood, marble, glass, mirrors.

The programs for 3D modeling therefore allow you to create environments, external or internal, and all the related accessories. This processing is done even faster if the shapes of objects are acquired through a 3D scan, compared to a complete manual creation. Afterwards, you can do endless tests of color and light, to find the effect of 3D rendering that makes it visually better.

Do you want to edit a file in 3D and you are interested in consulting an expert?

Ultimately, the service can be requested for many applications, either for working point clouds, meshes, NURBS or CAD models. For each processing there is specific modeling software for what you want to achieve.

3D modeling spans across the broadest fields of application such as in the jeweler and crafts industry, mechanical design, industry and all professional design sectors.

Often, third party activity is required following the digitization of an object via 3D scanning, to create a new object starting from a real physical model, or to make more realistic and faster 3D rendering jobs than traditional 2D photography methods.

If you are looking for a 3D modeling service, contact the professionals of Weprosys Ltd. , they will advise you how to best realize the file for your needs, and you will be sure to have the highest quality and all our expertise. This is added to the services offered by Weprosys Ltd., consisting of 3D scanning, rendering and 3D printing service.

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