3d Modeling of Furniture According to Individual Design

3d Modeling of Furniture According to Individual Design

3D design is used for preliminary demonstration of various kinds of projects, including furniture in the interior. The ability to visually show what does not yet exist in the real world is what visualization of furniture provides.

When you want to visualize furniture

With the help of specialized computer programs today it is possible to obtain an absolutely accurate three-dimensional image of any piece of furniture, which can then be used for any purpose. This is in demand in the following cases:

Creation of advertising materials for manufacturers or sellers of furniture: brochures, catalogs, booklets. Although an ordinary photograph can be an alternative to three-dimensional images, this approach has recently become more popular. In addition, a high-quality 3D image posted on the website of the online store can be viewed from all sides, while the photos offer a limited number of camera angles.


Preliminary development of interiors. Any premise, regardless of its purpose, necessarily includes pieces of furniture that perform both aesthetic and practical functions. Visualization of furniture allows you to see in advance which sofa or table is best for a particular room, and it’s really easier – it’s much easier to move and rotate on a layout than real furniture.

Harmonization of the interior. Today, all kinds of shopping centers are popular, in which for any shop, preliminary approval of the interior is required. The presence of a full visualization will help to effectively demonstrate the interior and facilitate the process of harmonization.

Visualization of furniture has advantages over any sketches and photographs due to the high degree of detail and the complete correspondence of the 3D model to a real or projected original.

What you need to know about furniture visualization

Furniture, interior items, home appliances – all this today exists in a huge number and range, so the quality visualization of furniture is not primarily limited to the use of standard models, blanks and textures. From how creatively the visualizer approaches the process, how much he is attentive to the details, what libraries of textures and forms he uses, the result depends.

When working with furniture, some furniture units have to be created from scratch, especially when it comes to custom furniture – for example, an exclusive leather couch or wardrobes of such a configuration that you cannot find in any database. In these cases, a model is first created, and then the rendering process takes place.

How much visualization costs is completely determined by how complex and voluminous the work will be. Naturally, creating a few three-dimensional models for one small room in a minimalist style will cost less than providing a full-fledged three-dimensional image, for example, the theater’s auditorium. However, if you are a customer, then remember that a large number of identical pieces of furniture will be cheaper.

Summing up, it can be noted that 3D design today is becoming an increasingly popular service both among private customers and representatives of various firms and organizations. The possibilities of modern software make it possible to create a model that is practically indistinguishable from reality.

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