3D jewelry visualization at the highest level

3D jewelry visualization at the highest level

Making jewelry today is an old craft tradition combined with the latest innovations that goldsmiths can offer. And this with 3D software, the ability to visualize new jewelery ideas before they are made. The advantage here: the customer knows even before ordering how the finished piece of jewelry will look and has a say in its creation.

From the idea, a 3D computer model is created with sketches or technical drawings, the model is “virtually photographed” from different perspectives and converted into a wax model and cast. Even for the unique area, this process is highly interesting and cost-effective. So wedding rings, signet rings or other pieces of jewelry can be realized individually.

For the online shop operators of jewelery the 3D visualization or the 3D rendering of models can also play a major role. Currently jewelery and jewelery online sites are showing jewelery products only as a 2D photo or as a 360 degree photograph. The cost of creating jewelry photos is significant, unlike other product categories. That’s why it offers 3D visualization process is a cost-effective alternative to present the jewelry authentically and emotionally charged.


Real-time 3D describes the possibility of interacting with displayed contents of the 3D configurator or another 3D application. Unlike a conventional image or video, a 3D configurator has the advantage of performing various functions directly on the object and seeing its changes in real time.

You can z. For example, replace thick jewelery catalogs with a single 3D configurator. This then loads the end customer to try out. This relieves the sales team and the customers record the added value of the products on their own. Another advantage: the ordered product can be ordered directly via the 3D configurator.

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