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3d interior design Services

3D visualization Living room as an environment for websites of planning offices and architects

“Interior Design” describes the design, the design, the planning and the realization of interiors. With the 3D Interior Design Planner we are redesigning your living room in 3D. We create a photo-realistic visualization of the furnished apartment.

3D visualization Dining room for housing planning and installation in the concept phase

We set up your dining room with the “Interior Design 3D”. The arch spans from the designer fireplace to the Italian home bar and also covers the areas of the entire living space with dining room furniture, designer lamps and lights as well as room flowering and green plants.


3D visualization bedroom: 3D planning and installation in the concept phase for architects and planners

A small bedroom with a good decor. Predictable with 3D Interior Design. The details are special. Whether built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors or in a special furniture design style. Parquet or carpet. Even before you buy the furniture or  you see the finished bedroom.

3D visualization of children’s rooms and youth rooms as a decision-making aid in the planning phase

The say of the children in the design of the nursery or youth room is great. The 3D visualization of the children’s rooms as part of the 3D interior design visualization is an important phase for the final coordination of the room layout and furnishings with furniture. Thus, the offspring already sees what his dream room might look like.

3D visualization kitchen / renderings for kitchen planning as decision support for buyers

Whether remodeling or new construction – we will find for you a floor plan and various planning options for the kitchen. Whether single or family household – the 3D Interior Design visualization gives you the opportunity to plan a potential kitchen from the front to the worktop in just a few minutes.

3D visualization and 3D rendering for bathroom and bathroom furniture for appealing visualization in the online shop

Baths can be planned so comfortably. The interior design 3D visualization turns you into an architect on the screen. We arrange and combine to your heart’s content until your dream bathroom is perfect. Experience a true 3D view of your planning and move freely in space.

3D visualization and renderings for office and study rooms as teaser images for websites and decision support for institutions

The latest 3D interior design visualizations turn office furniture into an experience. After a targeted needs and workplace analysis, we visualize your planning with modern 3D technology and thus ensure optimal use of office space.

Successful Real Estate Marketing through Virtual Home Staging

The term “home staging” refers to the professional adaptation of rooms of a real estate or complete real estate for sales promotion. Conventional physical home staging has been an integral part of the real estate industry for many years, particularly in the US, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. In order to give real estate buyers a first impression of a room atmosphere, so-called “virtual home staging” unfolds unfurnished space virtually using 3D visualization / 3D technology. We furnish your rooms with virtual furniture. Result: Shortening the sales time and achieving a significantly higher selling price.