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3D Industry

With technical visualization, complex products, technologies and processes can not only be impressively presented but also easily understood. Technical visualization is therefore becoming increasingly important in the B2B sector. In addition to goal-oriented communication of the contents, the technical aesthetics and the visual quality of the presentation are becoming increasingly important. For example, to differentiate oneself positively from the competition at presentations, fairs and other events. Increase the understanding of the customer and supplement your sales arguments.

3D modeling and 3D rendering services for automobiles

Automobile visualization is very accurate these days and, above all, very realistic. For visualization, construction plans such as drawings, sketches and CAD data can be used. Especially where traditional means of photography and film art reach their limits, the strengths of 3D automotive visualization become clear. It does not matter if your product is already mass-produced, has only existed on the drawing board, or is just a vague idea.

3D visualization and 3D modeling of medical technology

Experience the world of medicine as no scalpel can show you more clearly. Our 3D medical technology can help you visually translate complex structures, surgical techniques and innovative technologies for the beholder. We see ourselves as an interface between product development / product marketing experts and their listeners / customers, who realize animations and illustrations tailored to their target group.

3D animation and 3D visualization for the process industry and plant engineering

If a plant is planned and simulated in advance virtually, the project risks can be significantly reduced. The following methods are used: simulation of manual and automatic activities, 3D layout and project planning as well as simulation and production planning. These solutions can be perfectly integrated into your CAD landscape. Thus, we offer a complete solution for plant construction and the process industry, which, for example, also allows simulation with physical models.

Perfect 3D visualizations and renderings for plant manufacturers

Manufacturers of industrial equipment are constantly faced with increasing product complexity and growing demands for safety, functionality and environmental protection. The uninterrupted use of high-end 3D visualization technologies from machine parts to marketing campaigns and sales tools sets new standards in the area of ​​3D plant construction.

3D product visualization and renderings for engineering manufacturers

We offer a future-oriented possibility of machine design: an exact, photo-realistic visualization of the planned system on a mobile device, which makes planning much easier and faster. In mechanical engineering in particular, it is impossible to imagine the planned object being visualized in advance. The precise visualization considerably simplifies and improves planning steps.

3D visualization for electronics and high-tech gadgets for manufacturers and developers

High-quality 3D illustration and computer animation make you stand out from the competition in terms of quality and can influence the purchasing decisions of customers in your favor. Convince your customers by presenting all product benefits targeted and didactically prepared in a photo-realistic 3D animation. Your product is available in many variants, colors and materials? With the 3D visualization all variants can be switched “on the fly”, also in the middle of the movement and in the enterprise.

3D visualization and 3D animation of anatomy representations

Medical 3D animations impressively visualize processes and processes in the human body. Medical styles, illustrations and 3D animations make an important contribution to the training of physicians and to patient education. In the context of effective healthcare marketing, 3D animations and visualizations have become indispensable.