3D house Modeling and visualization new solutions for construction

3D house Modeling and visualization new solutions for construction

3D house Modeling and visualization new solutions for construction. Before every construction project is the model. The builder wants to know whether his planning in reality yields what was thought in the imagination. The work of the architects and decorators is not so easy. They take great responsibility and strive for customer satisfaction. They use various modern solutions to make their work more effective.


With digitization, it is not only possible to present a plan so realistically that it can be confused with it, but the planned construction can also be presented in consensus with the environment. In our time there are numerous ways to present a house in such a way that the potential customer of the object is enthusiastic and convinced and thus shows interest in this. Meanwhile, there is a special variant of the presentation method, i.e. the 3D visualization, through which each house can be presented in a photo-realistic manner and thus can be precisely tailored to the individual ideas and wishes of the client.

The special feature of 3D is the ability to animate, to move and to show the “impossible” of all facets. The digital production technology and the intermingling of various programs allow us today a visual enhancement of the virtual image (super realism), exceptional camera shots and unusual insights in otherwise hidden areas fascinate the viewer.

3D data is ideal for producing virtual and photorealistic illustrations. After sketches, plans or templates, a model of the virtual object is created. With this model you can quickly realize further 3D images, animations or clips of a product. These virtual models are always available, design fixes can be made quickly, and you can also create photorealistic images of the product before going into production. So that the model or the building project does not remain a dream, but becomes reality.

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