Attractive and innovative 3D Games for manufacturers and 3D Games developers 2018-03-20T05:47:57+00:00

Attractive and innovative 3D Games for manufacturers and 3D Games developers

We design credible characters with predefined properties for your campaigns and settings, and then design them in accordance with the sketch in individual styles, from comics to realism. Let speak for yourself. 3D characters can give your advertising or your setting a high expressiveness and convey your stories and messages excellent. We also like to develop avatars for online 3D applications and for your interactive online campaigns.


Advantages 3D Games:

With 3D Games, PC games can be automatically transformed into a true 3D experience, with no additional configuration or game patches. Pictures and textures provide color and visual details in games and apps. In 3D graphics, textures are available in a variety of formats, types, and geometries to support a variety of uses.

Visualization 3D Games: Examples I

As a character, 3D design refers to a being that interacts with the environment or the viewer in advertising and film. Often humanoid or modeled on animals, 3D characters are actors in video spots , games, and print advertising that promote or interact with the viewer’s emotional responses.

Visualization 3D Games

Visualization 3D Games: Examples II

An intuitive and easy-to-use Drag & Drop technique allows you to create a game relatively quickly. Import pictures or create them yourself, sprites (animated pictures), sounds and much more. You determine the properties of the objects in a game and show them how to behave.

Visualization 3D Games: Animals

Visualization 3D Games: Examples III

Blonde long hair or dear black short? Casual look or elegant outfit? Make the decision We design the individual 3D avatar of your choice. In the future, the 3D avatar can represent itself in the colorful and exciting world.

Visualization 3D Games: Avatars