3D Game Design Modeling and Visualization Services 2018-03-27T08:49:13+00:00

3D Game Design Modeling and Visualization Services

3D Characters: From conception to creation for games or clips

We develop a media-critical and pictorial-based, exemplary understanding of the most important character and game design concepts, principles and methods. Content includes: An overview of methods and procedures in character animation, modeling and animation techniques, Basic Digital Pixel Image and Vector Graphics Editing; Transformation of manually generated images to digital media; Image processing techniques; Resolution and output principles. We look after the projects in terms of 3D characters from the first ideas and design drawings to the finished model. We make play figures, for example, their facial features, physique and clothing take care of the most lifelike movements of characters and objects.


Avatars – Visualization of 3D characters for configurators and social media campaigns

An avatar is an image that is created to present yourself online when you communicate with your friends through internet media. The avatar is your 3D representative. We can design an avatar for your look or create a new identity. Your imagination is the limit. We can change the face, clothing, accessories, hairstyle and even the background to show who you are and what you like. Your avatar also lets you express your mood when talking to friends.