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3d Functional Modeling and  visualization Services

3d Functional Modeling and  visualization Services. In the furniture sector, functional visualization enables optimal handling of the product, its advantages, functions and applications. With a functional visualization, you personalize the shape of your object according to your corporate identity, the design language and interior design of your building or your office ambience.


Advantages of functional visualization:

The advantages of functional visualization lie in unlimited possibilities in the illumination, free choice of surface materials, use of material variants, fundus independent decoration of the environment and subsequent reuse of once created 3D models.

Function visualization coffee table

In the area of ​​product development, a successful 3D visualization or animation is not only cost-effective and efficient, not only for the marketing sector. New ideas – for example with different functions of a coffee table – are brought to life already during the planning.

Function Visualization Sofa

The functional visualization of a sofa in different versions shows that every combination of backrest, cushion, structure and material is possible and can be illustrated realistically.

Function visualization table

The lack of space is the eternal problem in every apartment. Here, the modern furniture with storage space can be of great help. They often have a double function, eg. a table with integrated drawers. Optimum recognition through functional visualization.