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3D animation and 3D product visualization of Food

3D animation and 3D product visualization of food for manufacturers and retailers. Based on a digital model, we create photo-realistic visualizations of product packaging as well as convincing and interactive presentations for retailers. In this way, designs can be considered more closely and placed in the appropriate context. In the field of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), the digital 3D presentation in the trade communication has already established today. In the field of advertising, standard packaging models rendered in 3D are used, which can be used in a variety of ways. The appearance of the product always corresponds to a high optical standard.


Advantages 3D visualization consumer goods:

To illustrate the high image requirements and the ever growing demand for personalized image content or the presentation of complex technical issues, the 3D visualization represents an optimal solution. Our customers in the consumer goods industry increasingly appreciate the flexibility, speed and cost savings that this type of visualization brings.

3D visualization consumer goods: food I

As part of product development, new forms and materials of packaging are usually generated and tested. In order to decide on the appearance of a product, 3D technology offers the possibility of visualizing your individual model. Photorealistic 3D representations make your future products visually tangible. In doing so, we implement your special requirements and ideas when it comes to the design, the material, the form or the labeling.

3D visualization consumer goods

3D visualization Consumer Goods: Food II

The importance of food packaging has been a high priority in the marketing mix. More than ever before, industry relies on up-to-date design and material trends and uses packaging to achieve a high advertising effect (branding). When promoting consumer goods in the food sector, the 3D technology also offers a high potential for savings. Here, 3D-rendered standard packaging models are used, which are used in a variety of ways. A once rendered model (can, bottle, soft bag, etc.) can always be recreated in a variety of colors and a new label. This ensures the high optical standard of the product.

3D visualization consumer goods