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3D Floor Plan Modeling and Visualization Services

Make your properties even more realistic. Show your potential tenant or buyer the benefits of your property with a 2D and 3D floor plan. A stylish and practically furnished house, an apartment or for example a commercial space can also be visualized on the basis of a dynamically drawn floor plan. These convey a fleeting and sketchy impression of the furnishing and design possibilities . Within visual communication statements, this type of floor plan is a fresh addition and can be made in any desired color palette, matching the intended design. Floor plans are therefore among the search criteria for the most important criteria of an expose.


Advantages 3D floor plan:

An advantage of the 3D floor plan is the better possibility to estimate altitude conditions and thus obtain a realistic view of the object. The new view of all objects, which is possible through a 3D floor plan, usually has a positive effect on the distribution of buildings. Further advantages: · interesting and quickly comprehensible 3D presentation · better presentation at the customer · realistic lighting · homely impression through furnishing · 3D model for further marketing · competitive advantage through innovative presentation · universally applicable (Exposé, PDF, Internet, interactive floor plan …)

3D floor plan: apartment / house sketch

Planning documents do not work without a floor plan of the object. A useful complement to high-quality renderings are spatial 3D floor plans in the same style. In particular, in combination with 360 ° panoramas , the basis for a comprehensive object presentation is given.

3D floor plan – living

3D floor plan: apartment / house 3D model

With 3D visualizations you increase the sales success of your real estate. And before the building stands! Awaken the emotions of your potential buyers. A visualization of the building in the real environment also helps with the building application.

3D floor plan – living 3D floor plan – office

3D floor plan: apartment / offices model

The office floor plan concept determines how the work should be organized for the employees. Whether they work individually, as a couple or in teams in the room, or whether several employees share a job and employees also work in an office at home.

3D floor plan – living 3D floor plan – office