3D exhibition construction business and ideas

3D exhibition construction business and ideas

3D exhibition construction business and ideas. A trade fair in the economic sense is a time-limited, recurring marketing event. It allows manufacturers or sellers of a product or service to display, explain and sell them. At a trade fair, customers have the opportunity to compare the offers of various providers and to get an idea of ​​the market situation. Exhibiting companies are concerned with acquiring or refreshing customer contacts, raising awareness and exchanging information. And to present yourself properly at a trade fair is not enough to have a small desk and a computer; you need a booth .


Fairs and exhibitions are among the most important sales promoters in the marketing mix of companies. The consistent integration of the trade fair appearance for image and sales promotion is thereby unavoidable. Multimedia system hardware is also part of the equipment on the exhibition stand. What used to be shown on laptop screens today goes to the visitors via larger screens. The stand graphics visualizes the core messages and / or the stand focus of the booth. Less is more, because the visitors in passing can perceive the message in a fraction.

Many exhibitors can save time and money by switching to 3D visualizations (CGI = computer-generated images) when planning their trade fair appearance. One advantage, for example, is that many different variants of the products can be displayed in elegant rooms and with floor plans according to individual wishes. The use of modern visualization techniques makes it possible to get an accurate picture of the finished stand even before the start of construction. In this way, details can be clarified precisely at an early stage and the need for rework during the construction phase is avoided.

And also the details: in the background the exciting skyline of a metropolis should be seen – no problem! Different light situations – nothing easier than that! We put your objects in the right light and save you time and effort – and ultimately money at the fair.

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