Creating 3D avatars and 3D games for the entertainment industry 2018-03-20T06:47:18+00:00

Creating 3D avatars and 3D games for the entertainment industry

Creation of mobile games: implementation of content, designs and avatars

Mobile games are on everyone’s lips. The boom of tablets and smartphones brings a lot of fresh wind into the game business. The developers of the big game titles hope not only an increase in computer and console, but also orient their sales and marketing strategies on the apps. As the market grows, so do the demands on end devices. Classic offline games have become rare, even on mobile devices is the multiplayer mode at the top.


Appealing and innovative 3D Games for manufacturers and 3D Games developers

With 3D Games, PC games can be automatically transformed into a true 3D experience, with no additional configuration or game patches. A 3D image is created only if the right and the left eye are supplied with images independently of each other. Thus, 3D Games make higher demands on the transmission technology. Strictly speaking, there are two films to be transmitted instead of one, theoretically twice the amount of data. When manufacturers seriously consider the role of a game’s development, the spatial presentation brings significant added value – on all platforms.