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3d Configuration System

A configurator plays an increasingly important role in online commerce, especially in product categories for which a variety of colors shapes and materials exist. Already today, companies offer their customers the option of putting together individual models or objects within a configurator. Which colors, shapes and materials are desired? Our 3D configurator turns your computer screen into a showroom. In the cozy atmosphere of your own four walls, you can configure your desired object according to your own ideas. Choose colors, shapes, sizes, interior and exterior trim – and check the realistic animated 360-degree view to see how the options you choose affect the look of your desired object.


Product configurator

Product configurators, especially on the Internet, can be seen as a decisive competitive advantage of manufacturing companies and retailers. The benefits of a product configurator (error-free offerings, fast response times, minimization of complaint rates, increased customer satisfaction) will increase productivity across the enterprise. The previous option of selecting from a large number of product variants is no longer sufficient today. The customer would like to order tailor-made products and system solutions beyond the standard range of variants.

Configurator home furniture

Configurator demo bathroom