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3D Company Presentations Visualization Services

A very recent way to present a company and its products and technologies are interactive 3D presentations. For this purpose, graphically optimized information structures are set up in which a user finds the information of interest to him very quickly and intuitively. Such presentations can incorporate all currently common types of information – from texts to images and videos to 3D models. So you can virtually make a precise picture of your company / showroom long before the opening of the object.


Benefits Company presentations 3D visualization:

With the 3D company presentation you increase the look of your company and attract the attention or interest of your customers. Convince partners and investors in an early planning phase with interactive and realistic 3D visualizations in real time. Another advantage is the interactive presentation closely linked to the customer’s experiences.

Company Presentation 3D Spaces

We create visualizations, in which the plans of your company rooms are figuratively implemented. These photorealistic images are made using computer-based 3D models or model photographs. They allow us and you to closely review your ideas or make plans more attractive to your customers.

Company Presentation 3D Showroom

We look at your premises and existing furniture, pick them up, discuss their habits and needs that you have at home or at work. Afterwards, we will create a suitable furnishing proposal in the form of a showroom visualization, in which furniture can be supplemented, expanded or sorted out.

Company presentation lounge concept

When we know your goals and have collected and analyzed all the data, we develop initial ideas. The larger the database, the more precise the concept. The ideas and planning requirements then flow into hand sketches, two-dimensional computer graphics and films. From room layout to light choreography to colors and shapes, the dream of a room / lounge takes on a concrete form.