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3D Color Texturing Services

The coloration of products such as machines, tools, bicycles, furniture and more. is particularly important when creating a product configurator. Since not all colors or fabrics are always available, at the same time all possible combinations must be offered for sale, discolorations are part of the online shop product presentation.


Benefits of color / texture staining:

Instead of photographing each product individually, it makes sense to color the product presentation of the object in different colors and fabrics. This makes it possible to create color masks for each view and to change the colors / textures. So you only have to pay one-off for the creation. A clean, simple and less expensive service that saves you a whole lot of time and money.

Color / texture recoloring bedroom

By creating a color mask (cut-out) and precisely applying the color and the fabric, the piece of furniture appears like an authentically recorded product.

Color / texture coloration room

When changing tables, we first create a 3D model of your products. Then we render different patterns and profiles on the desired parts of the product.

Color / texture recoloring living room

In the case of furniture objects for which a multitude of colors, fabrics , profiles and woods exist, an elaborate presentation of the picture is also recommended in which the furniture is also to be upgraded by lifestyle environment pictures (milieus).

Color / texture recoloring office furniture

Monochrome office furniture can be boring. With the color change (eg desk chair) it is possible to present a great many product combinations in different colors and profiles and at low cost.