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3D Character Modeling and Visualization Services

3d Character Modeling and Visualization services. 3D Characters From conception to creation for games or clips.. With regard to “3D Characters” we look after special projects from the first ideas and design drawings to the finished model. In doing so, we design play figures, for example their facial features, physique and clothing, and develop the most lifelike movements of game characters and objects.

Benefits 3D Characters:

Contents include: Overview of methods and procedures in character animation, modeling and animation techniques, basic digital pixel image and vector graphics editing; Transformation of manually generated images to digital media; Image processing techniques; Resolution and output principles.


3D Characters: Fantasy

We create and animate 3D Fantasy Characters. Through tools and comprehensive figure presets, we can create and animate stunning scenes with 3D characters in no time, make lip sync and above all, work in real time.

3D Characters Fantasy Movie

3D Characters: Computer Games Examples 1

We give your campaign a face. No matter if it’s a print ad or a TV ad, no matter if it’s an individual agency or an advertising holding company – when it comes to customer satisfaction, we are the right partner.

3D Characters Computer Games

3D Characters: Computer Games Examples 2

From the design of your cover, poster or your print ad on the design and implementation of game graphics to the production of elaborate trailers and animated films.

3D Characters computer games

3D Characters: Videos

We have the professional solution for 3D animation and 3D character design. Digital artists and even entire production teams can integrate pre-made, animated 3D characters and hundreds of other Poser content into their production process. We combine multiple levels of action into a close-to-life 3D animation. We animate your work and import more movement profiles and poses.

3D characters for videos