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3d Avatar Modeling and Visualization services

An avatar is an image that is created to present yourself online when you communicate with your friends through internet media. The avatar is your 3D representative. We can design an avatar for your look or create a new identity. Your imagination is the limit.

Benefits 3D avatars:

The advantages of avatars are obvious: The avatars give companies the opportunity to consider the human factor as early as possible in product development, assembly or maintenance. Instead of building expensive, unchecked prototypes that make later changes time-consuming and costly, the figures help to avoid serious rework or design flaws. Not only is this more economical, it also improves the quality and safety of products – and accelerates their time to market.


3D avatars: personalities

Giant or dwarf, warrior or magician, man or woman? You decide whether to give yourself the image of a grim muscle package in the virtual (game) worlds or that of an inconspicuous wallflower. We create virtual images, the most realistic image or your desired image.

3D avatars as a personality

3D avatars: games

Avatars, as the new generation alter egos are, can be found everywhere on the web: as profile pictures in social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, as a gravatar under comments or as online game characters. So you can not only playfully perceive others on the net, but also act on others.

3D avatars as an online game character

3D avatars in medical technology

With an avatar, that is, the computer simulation of a human being, it is possible, for example in medical technology, to check in advance the hand movements of the surgeon before the operation is carried out, for example. Data from scientific studies can be used to calculate analyzes and eliminate risks.

3D avatars medical technology